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Subject: Re: Conventions
From: David Mitchell <mitchell -at- SOLAR -dot- SKY -dot- NET>
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 1995 23:02:42 +0000

> Another question for y'all (sorry, folks, I'm in Kansas, and the natives
> have brainwashed me):

<< Choosing not to flame for slam on native Kansans >>

> Do you "click on" your pushbuttons? Do you "press" your pushbuttons?

Short answer: I click screen components, such as push buttons. I press mouse

More, but not so short: I also press specialty keys and combinations
(such as Enter, Ctrl+R, and Alt,F,O). I type most everything else
(for example, "type 'cd windows' and press Enter."

Long (winded?) answer: I *usually* choose buttons. Why? I was
brought up to think that you select items and choose commands.
In Windows, there are usually several methods to choose a given
command. For example, to choose the Yes button, you can click
the Yes button or you can press "Alt+Y".

Of course, if the manual is for a someone who is an absolute
beginner, explicit point-click-and-drag style instructions are

On the subject of buttons, Windows calls them command buttons,
OS/2 push buttons. I believe it's two words, but I'm at home,
and I leave OS/2 at the office. ;)

P.S. I *really* like to just call push buttons (or command buttons)
buttons. I am explicit for radio buttons (or option buttons).

P.P.S. If anyone read this far, here's a bonus question.

Do you check your check boxes? Uncheck them? (Note: I think select and clear
the implied answers from the Windows 3.1 User's Guide glossary).

David Mitchell (mitchell -at- sky -dot- net)
GTW s+:- v+++ W++$>++++ po--- b++ e++ u-

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