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Subject: Computer Sales Jargon .humor.ouch
From: Richard Dimock <red -at- ELSEGUNDOCA -dot- ATTGIS -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 1995 14:43:11 PDT

I enjoyed the High Tech Sales Jargon until...

I noticed how many of thes terms I have used recently,

ADVANCED DESIGN - The advertising agency doesn't understand it.

The tech writer didn't either, at the time, when he used
that very term.

I'm writing for a moonlight client, doing manuals for
Compact Disc manufacturing test equipment. That is a world
unto itself. You have what is probably the most advanced
technology on the planet, there in your portable CD player.

By the time I really understand what the product is about, the
book has gone to print. The Marketing man is in about the
same boat.

Thus we have been throwing in WOW terms such as those in the
jargon list. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Ah, but the learning is the fun!

Dick Dimock, Artfully Senior Tech Writer
AT&T Global Information Solutions
El Segundo, CA

**EAT CROW Episode 14 -Climactic Ending-**
The soldier swung the rifle and shot
into the tree trunk. Both weapons were now

"Your rifle, sir!" as Johnny
handed the finely engraved weapon
back to the farmer.
"Thank you. And yours, sir."

His own rifle in hand, Johnny Yuma,
the rebel, ran headlong for the woods,
and escaped before the farmer could
reload. Johnny lived to tell the tale.

Thus the True Story of "Eat Crow"
has come to us over the centuries.
Except for the dialog. I wasn't
there, mind you.

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