Corel/PGMKR Font Problems

Subject: Corel/PGMKR Font Problems
From: "Brennan, Walt" <wbrennan -at- SMTPGATE -dot- LEVEL1 -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 1995 08:42:53 PST

Hello Techwhirlers,

Hope one or more of you can help us out. We recently migrated from Mac
to PC and are having problems with Corel graphics printed from
PageMaker. When we move graphic images from CorelDraw 5.0 to
Pagemaker 5.0, the fonts look as though a third grader painted them
with a screwdriver.

Printing directly from CorelDraw works fine. But no matter what
method we have used to go from the Corel environment to the PageMaker
world, the results are the same. We have copied to the clipboard and
pasted into PageMaker, saved figures as both CorelDraw 3.0 and 4.0
file formats and placed them in the PM file. We have exported the
files as computer graphics metafiles (.cgm), windows metafiles (.wmf),
AutoCAD files (.dxf) and encapsulated postscript files (.eps).
(Actually, they don't all work the same: eps files lock up the
computer and cause general protection faults in Windows.)

The worst font is Arial, but all the sans serif fonts (the only kind
we use) suffer the same way. The Swiss 721 family works slightly
better, but it starts out with light weight lines. Even so, it is not

We use a Dataproducts 1560 laser printer, and whenever we print from
PageMaker, we get a "Output may not look as expected. Unknown or old
postscript printer driver." error message. Whatever happens to
graphics, it has little effect on Pagemaker text, no matter what the

Do we need a new, different or upgraded:
1) printer driver;
2) output filter for CorelDraw;
3) input filter for PageMaker;
4) translator (we've used Hijaak Pro with the same results);
5) something really simple that will make us feel stupid; and where
can we find one?

Thanks for any help you can send us.

Walt & Le at Level One
wbrennan -at- LEVEL1 -dot- com

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