New topic: What thrills you?

Subject: New topic: What thrills you?
From: "Barbara L. Green" <BarbGreen -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 1995 23:07:34 -0400

I've been reading this list for about a month now, and I think y'all are
just great! For the most part, signal/noise ratio is good and the advice
I've seen is pretty sound.

Here's a non-tech topic to kick around: What aspects of technical writing
give you the most satisfaction? (For all of you veterans, I apologize in
advance if this topic has come up within collective memory, but I'm
interested in some feedback.)

For me it's learning new technology and coming to understand new tools.
(That's probably why I'm a contractor. :-)

I also like working with engineers. Although my background isn't technical
(failed journalist, here), I like watching the engineering mind at work. Most
of the time, I have the sense that my development contacts find me a valuable
member of the team. They also seem to be as intimidated by the publications
process as I am by development process.

As a contractor, I've come to appreciate that ego boost that I get from
repeat customers ("You did such a good job last time!") and from referral
business ("John Doe said he'd use you again in a minute!" mmm....well, I
guess it's a compliment. :-)

I *do* remember the thrill that I got the first time I saw my name on
something in print, but that was far too many years ago. (It was a poem in my
school magazine; I was walking on air until some fool asked me why it didn't

So, what do you think are the most satisfying things about being a technical
writer? Feel free to respond privately. If there's interest, I'll summarize
for the list.

Barbara L. Green
BarbGreen -at- aol -dot- com
Self-employed and fancy free
(Eagerly awaiting the rest of the "eat crow" saga)

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