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Subject: Re: Word advice
From: Stuart Reynolds <stuartr -at- FIRSTGRAPHICS -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 1995 12:23:52 -0700

>> Master Documents do not work! I have lost work in testing
>> this feature and I have known 5 others who have lost files or
>> significant work trying to use this feature. You can construct long

>Yes they do. But not consistently. Add me to your list of people who've
>lost significant amounts of work. Master Docs seem to *hate* tables. If
>you can avoid tables, you can get up to about 400-450 pages before it has
>memory problems (I build huge TOCs; this caused my memory limitations - even
>though I have 32MB RAM). Really, the worst problem with the master docs is
>that other people hate them so much, and nobody else can figure out how to
>manage the document (so *you're* stuck with it for life!).

Ya. I have created Master Docs and they have worked fine. Although it was
because they were no more than 350 pages. The problem wiht a PC as opposed
to a MAC is that under normal DOS/Windows setup, you have a thing called a
"User Heap" that is only 64K and Windows has to accessit like there is no
tomorrow. Whereas a MAC doesn't have this probelm. It all comes down to
the OS you are using and memory management. If you have 32MB you should
relaly consider changing your OS to OS/2. It runs Win apps just fine, but
gives you the added advantage of not relying on a stuid 64k user heap. The
mem management is therefore exponentially improved.

>> Generally, Word 6.0 is solid. I use it to produce technical
>> publications of average length (100-500 pages).

>Hear, hear! Although I sometimes wonder about whether a DTP might not be
>more powerful for the 200+ page documents, I still haven't made the leap...
>mainly because I must distribute soft copies of my documents. Almost
>everyone has Word. Not everyone has Frame (or whatever DTP).

I haven't <yet> had any problems with Word 6.0 But that doesn't mean to say
I won't ever have them. As for doing a 200+er in a DTP app. NADA!! Well,
having said that, I haven't used Frame. I did inherit a 300+ User's Guide
that hasd been done entirely in Pagemaker. Not a good scene. While DTP
app's are good for typesetting and layout, they are what they are. DTP
app's and not word processors. Alos you limit the "transportability" of the
documnet. As you so eloquently said, "you are stuck with it for life" well
it sometimes feels like a sentence. :) If it IS done oin a wp then it has
"transportability", therefore giving others the abitlity to edit it. It
also removes the "I don't have the software to be able to edit it, so you'll
have to do it" excuse.. :)

On the subject of WP app's, Word Pertfect is a good app. It really comes
down to personal preference. Between Word, Word Perfect and Lotus' Ami Pro,
they are functinally the same. ust depends on which UI you find more
"friendly/useable" and Word Perfect Corp. have developed WP with an
inclination to the DTP arena. That is why MOST DTP "courses" run with WP
and not Word or Ami Pro.



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