Re: Company Wide Change from WP to Word

Subject: Re: Company Wide Change from WP to Word
From: Stuart Reynolds <stuartr -at- FIRSTGRAPHICS -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 1995 14:32:56 -0700

>>Our company President has directed that all WordPerfect x.x documents be
>>converted to Word 6.0c!!! We have been told NOT to argue the decision.

>Your company president has large amount of cash burning a hole in his pocket?
>Does he realize that merely converting documents is the least part of the job
>- that converting and retraining his employees will be the major hurdle?

There is no friggin need to convert the documents!! If the guy/lady has
gotten on some big MS word Kick, then fine get the app.. I use it, infact I
switched from WP to Word a few years ago. But any WP files, stayed that
way. Word has WP style and keystroke comparisons too. You can set word up
to accept your wp keystrokes. But the docs can stay in wp format, and you
then call them into word through the wp import filter. resave them as wp or
word (or both) documents. Don't wate tmie and money going in and doing
en-masse conversions. NOT NEEDED, and less frustrating.. :)

>>1. What are we facing?

>Hell. :-)
Hehehehehe.. that'd be a bit of an understatement.. :)

>>4. Would WIN95 Word 7.0 help? Beta copies are available now, but would Word
>> 6.0c use its files?

>Knowing Microsoft, not likely.
Ya, as much as I like some of MS's software, their BETA release history is
the shits. Stay away until release 1.0A or so has come out. (The A is the
newest witht the initial bug fixes in place)


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