Exit Door

Subject: Exit Door
From: Richard Dimock <red -at- ELSEGUNDOCA -dot- ATTGIS -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 10:17:50 PDT

There are many exit doors from tech writing, and those
who really look will find them.

One writer I knew lived frugally, saved his money, and
bought himself a seat on the Minneapolis Grain Exchange.
I have no data on how successful he was/is at commodities
trading. I hope more so than I have been.

Take a look at Bill Horton, ACE tech writer, much in demand,
writing books that must be fun to write, and seminaring
all over. He works hard at mastering new technologies, then
makes money passing on his knowledge. Honorable.

Take a look at Robert Horn, who brought out Information
Mapping and built a corporation on it.

Many writers have hit the seminar trail. Perhaps if
any are on the List, they might comment.

Now I'll let just you in on my secret, Herman. My exit door.

I am going to write up a series of technical writing training
exercises in home study style, on CD-ROM. New writers and old
hands can learn and upgrade their skills. I and a select
panel of **instructors** will grade the lessons. When a student
completes a program of exercises and has demonstrated
proficiency in the topic, the student gets a ...

you guessed it!

A **CERTIFICATE** showing that this writer is **CERTIFIED** !!

I will also lobby STC to accept MY certification program, and MY
program ALONE! Plus I will have made enough cash by now to
have many dinners with Slick Willie Clinton, to push through the
legislation requiring all tech writers to be certified via MY

By that time, MY program will have been translated and all
tech writers around the GLOBE will get **Certified** under MY

It will be such fun.

Dick Dimock, Artfully Sr. Tech Writer for a little while longer
El Segundo, CA Looking sideways at the Xerox and
Mattell Toy buildings, and another
deserted Hughes building.

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