Re: job offer & pay bargaining

Subject: Re: job offer & pay bargaining
From: "Cheverie, Paul [Cont]" <paul -dot- cheverie -at- CANADA -dot- CDEV -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 1995 10:39:00 EDT

If you feel the salary offer is low, you are free to make a counter-offer of
what you feel is reasonable. If they think your counter-offer is too high,
they will either turn it down flat or make you another offer. If the
counter-offer is turned down then you have the choice of excepting their
offer or looking somewhere else for employment.
Remember that as soon as you enter into the negotiation process you are
increasing your risk of not getting the job. But, if you aren't unreasonable
chances are that they will not be either.
Good Luck.
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Subject: job offer & pay bargaining
Date: Thursday, July 06, 1995 10:19AM

I was wondering if some of you experienced job negotiators would give me
your thoughts on a job offer I have just received.
I am not yet experienced in job
negotiation so I need to check what is reasonable.

I don't think the pay is enough. Apart from just saying 'no' to the job,
what should I do?
Is there a limit to how much more than the offer it is worth asking for?

(UK tech writers: At what point in your career would you expect
to be paid #15,500?
The 'package' is a salary of #15,500 + such things as #2,000 one off payment
for relocation (would that be taxable?); bonuses for work
(amounts not specified); life assurance and medical insurance after 6 months
(neither of which I are priorities for me); pension scheme after 1 year
most companies let you join straight away?); and an annual
weekend break with the company; performance and pay reviews after first 6
months and then annually. I am not sure how many days
holiday you get, as I am waiting to see the details in writing.)

They say that the 'package' is worth more then #17 but I'd rather have
the money (and the holidays).

If I turn down the job, will the agency wash their hands of me?

OK, I know I sound like a wimp, but it is better to confront my wimpish
thoughts now so that I know what I am up against.

Thank you

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