Re: Help! Software sugg. for eng. to do editing with

Subject: Re: Help! Software sugg. for eng. to do editing with
From: Stephanie Goble <Stephaniex_goble -at- CCM -dot- CH -dot- INTEL -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 22 May 1995 15:21:35 GMT

Dianne Driskell <ddriskel -at- cs -dot- utexas -dot- edu> wrote:

> Somewhere back in my brain I remember the group covering this but, of course,
> I didn't save it because I didn't need it then.

> Problem: Engineers want to edit the text in soft (digital) copy.
> The writers want to be able to see
> where the suggested changes were made and possibly
> have the changes ranked in some way (color of text?) to show if it's a
> very important correction or less important correction. I think they are using
> Word 6.0.

Are the Engineers willing to learn how to use a word processor
properly? Or will they be messing up the layout with multiply
tabbed tables, and other kluges?

Word 6.0, Ami Pro, etc. can show revisions, color coded according to WHO did
but can't rank them by importance.
You would have to assign colors to the different reviewers.
The problem with this - the file becomes VERY cluttered with the changes
color coding, etc. It is very hard to track more than three revisions.
Also, they might decide to "incorporate" or accept the revisions, which
wipes out everyone's suggestions.

Perhaps a better way would be to have the engineers insert the changes,
in the color of their choice - as visible text.
Print the changes on a color printer, and then put them into the
master document. Each engineer could use a seperate copy of the document.

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