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Subject: Re: html editors
From: Thomas Burgin <Thomas -dot- Burgin -at- MAILPORT -dot- DELTA-AIR -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 26 May 1995 07:28:00 -0400

I'll try. I'm not very current on PC tools, but I do know that
HoTMeTaL is available in Windows as freeware (that's as opposed to
HoTMeTaL PRO). It should be at the usual ftp sites. I'm fairly
confident that a GIF converter exists in Windows, as well, but I don't
know the name. It should be at the usual ftp sites, also, but I'd
start at the NCSA site (Mosaic developers) inside the "Helpers"
folder/directory. If you have WWW access, do a search on HoTMeTaL, and
one on GIF. That should give you specifics.

Hope that helps.....

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Subject: html editors
Author: gstahl -at- trumpet -dot- aix -dot- calpoly -dot- edu_at_smtp at MAILPORT
Date: 5/25/95 5:31 PM

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I am looking for:
1.a freeware PC version of an HTML editor
2. a freeware program that converts non-GIF
graphics to GIFs

Can you help me? Thanks! Gwen Stahl (gstahl -at- oboe -dot- aix -dot- calpoly -dot- edu)

On Thu, 25 May 1995, Thomas Burgin

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> : titanide -at- MICRO -dot- ORG_at_smtp at MAILPORT

> Unless they've released it within the past couple of weeks, there is no
> freeware
> version for the Mac -- only the commercial HoTMeTaL PRO version, which is
> excellent.

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> Subject: Re: html editors for Mac
> Author: TECHWR-L -at- VM1 -dot- ucc -dot- okstate -dot- edu_at_smtp at MAILPORT
> Date: 5/24/95 2:32 PM

> Comments: To: tech writing mailing list <techwr-l -at- vm1 -dot- ucc -dot- okstate -dot- edu>

> A company called SoftQuad makes Windows and Macintosh versions of
> something called HotMetal. You can ftp both versions from the archive
> site -- the directory is:

> /pub/www/Tools/Editors/SoftQuad/hotmetal/MS-WINDOWS

> There are more feature-laden versions available as HotMetal Pro -- the
> incentive to buy them being, I presume, the reason SoftQuad is making the
> more limited versions available via the Net.

> One nice touch with at least the Windows version of this product is: the
> zipfile includes a few interesting PostScript files, among them the
> product manual.

> Have fun!
> Pat
> titanide -at- micro -dot- org / titanide -at- pubnix -dot- net

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