Re: HELPPPPP, please....Word problem.

Subject: Re: HELPPPPP, please....Word problem.
From: "Lane, Debi [MV]" <DLane -at- PO5 -dot- MV -dot- UNISYS -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 24 May 1995 17:09:00 PDT

To get the effect you want without a lot of manual each time you
create a new heading or update your contents, try the following:

Set up the Heading 1 style to include a right-aligned tab, an Arial font,
and the heading numbering feature, with "Chapter " specified as the
"Text before," and " " (two hard spaces) specified as "Text After."

To Enter a Chapter Heading:
1. Apply the Heading 1 style (to get "Chapter X" entered in Arial).

2. Press ShiftEnter (to get a soft return, so that your next line is
still part of the same heading paragraph).

3. Select the Palatino font.

4. Press Tab to get to your right-aligned tab stop and enter your title.

After Generating the TOC:
After you generate the contents, select the field code and use
Edit | Replace to replace the two hard spaces with a space, endash,
and another space.

You can record a simple macro that generates the contents and
then immediately selects it and performs the replacement.

You can also record a simple macro that applies the Heading 1
style, inserts a soft return, inserts a Tab, and switches to Palatino.

Hope this helps.

Debi Lane
Unisys Corporation
Tech Pubs Support
Internet: dlane -at- p05 -dot- mv -dot- unisys -dot- com

To: Multiple recipients of list TECHWR-L
Subject: HELPPPPP, please....Word problem.
Date: Wednesday, May 24, 1995 1:11PM

I need HELP!

We are writing an 80 page document in Word 6.0c for Windows. The problem is
that I cannot figure out how to do this:

1) I want the Chapter Numbers to appear as "Chapter 1" (without the quotes,
of course) as a left-aligned, Arial font, etc.

2) I want the Chapter Title to appear as "Installing the. . . " as Palatino
Italic, right aligned.

3) I want the Table of Contents to appear as "Chapter 1 - Installing the

The limitation of Word's Table of Contents recognizing built-in styles seems
to be the culprit. Even Microsoft can't figure it out, although their manual
is very similar to what I want to do! The technical support rep said she did
not have access to the same manual that the user receives, so I'm not sure
that she really understood what I was trying to do. She faxed me some info
but it didn't help.

If I use "Heading 1" as either the Chapter Number or Chapter Title, then the
Table of Contents won't pick up both on the same line. If I try to number
the TOC 1 style, it automatically applies the numbers to Heading 1. If I
allow this, but try to make the numbers as hidden text, they become hidden
text in the TOC 1......and round and round we go. So far, I have had to
resort to naming the Chapter Number style "ChapterNum" and using Heading 1
style for the Chapter Title. Then I have to go and manually type the numbers
for the Table of Contents. . . . EVERY TIME I update it!


Jane Bergen
AnswerSoft, Inc.
janeb -at- ix -dot- netcom -dot- com
janeb -at- answersoft -dot- com

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