Re[2]: Dwo hsieh (many thanks)

Subject: Re[2]: Dwo hsieh (many thanks)
From: douglas_thayer <douglas_thayer -at- SMTPLINK -dot- SYSCOM -dot- COM -dot- TW>
Date: Wed, 24 May 1995 11:35:50 LCL


The non-native speaker in question is the Chairman of the company, and
some of the text belongs to the "Words from the Chairman" section of
the profile--to be accompanied by his photo and signature.

Our editor is new to the company and was unable to effectively back up
his convictions with "rules" of usage and grammar (he didn't have this
list to fall back on). In addition, he had already let a couple of
typos slip through in the draft, which didn't help his credibility. So
he pretty much had to eat his crow on this one...

Douglas Thayer
<douglas_thayer -at- smtplink -dot- syscom -dot- com -dot- tw>
Taipei, Taiwan, ROC

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Subject: Re: Dwo hsieh (many thanks)
Author: @TWNMOE10.Edu.TW:TECHWR-L -at- OSUVM1 -dot- BITNET at smtplink-syscom
Date: 5/24/95 2:20 AM

> Our editor has calmed down, largely as a result of your efforts.

What about the manager who was trying to force his misconceptions onto
a document that wasn't in his native language? Has he calmed down?

> (Ironically, this incident may have been a "face" thing: an American
> sensitive to having his editorial decisions reviewed by a non-native
> speaker.)

Since the editor was right, one can understand his agitation, though.

Arthur Comings

Corte Madera, California
atc -at- corte-madera -dot- geoquest -dot- slb -dot- com

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