Re: Word spacing (_not_ line spacing) in Frame

Subject: Re: Word spacing (_not_ line spacing) in Frame
From: "Matthew B. Hicks" <matt -at- UNIDATA -dot- UCAR -dot- EDU>
Date: Tue, 23 May 1995 09:02:52 -0600

On Mon, 22 May 1995, Richard Mateosian wrote:

> > I knew there had to be a switch somewhere that allowed more or
> > limited spacing between words. Searching the indices of the FM
> > Manual and _The Frame Handbook_ proved fruitless as did the online
> > help. I ended up calling tech support to get the answer, which
> > was very simple. But, the call would have been unnecessary if the
> > FM Manual had been better indexed and _The Frame Handbook_
> > hadn't duplicated the error.

> >The answer to the problem has to do with SMART Spaces.

> If you'll look on page 4-21 of the Using FrameMaker Manual (it took me under
> a minute to find, but I knew what I was looking for), you'll find the real
> answer. It has nothing to do with smart spaces. ...RM

Actually, it has alot to do with "smart spaces" and nothing at all to do
with page 4-21 which deals with line spacing. The original query is
about word spacing which is the horizontal spacing between words. Line
spacing is the vertical spacing of lines on the page, which is of no help
at all in this situation.

Turning "smart spaces" on and off is one way of adjusting spacing on a line;
you can also try using fixed-width spaces, i.e., em-spaces, en-spaces,
numeric spaces, and thin spaces to make adjustments in your line.
Instructions for using these are found on pages 3-6 to 3-7 in the Frame 4 for
X/Motif manual. If you are using another version of the package, you should
be able to find references to these in the index.

Good luck.

-Matt Hicks

Matt Hicks, Tech. Writer, Unidata * I may not agree with what you
Boulder, CO, (303)497-8676, ******* say, but I'll defend to the
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