Re: Typeover Mode

Subject: Re: Typeover Mode
From: Pat Madea <madea -at- MMSI -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 22 May 1995 10:46:57 MST

re: Roy Johnson's post:
> I am writing a book on 'Writing with Computers' and I wonder
> if anybody has experience of using Typeover [or Insert] mode.

> It seems a potentially useful tool, but I've never come across
> anyone who uses it. Any observations would be welcome.

Judging from the responses the list has received from Roy's post,
most people write in Insert, rather than Typeover, mode when given
a choice.

I believe it's a preference, Insert vs Typeover, and I prefet
Typeover. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, FM4 doesn't
have an Insert/Typeover switch and I am forced to write in
Insert mode. (I write in FM4.)

I prefer using Typeover because it save the added step of having
to Delete or Erase the text I'm replacing, the old text. I
rewrite, when necessary, and am done with it.

There's my two bits....

madea // madea -at- mmsi -dot- com

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