Re: If you can't lick 'em...

Subject: Re: If you can't lick 'em...
From: Vince Putman <PutmV -at- MAIL -dot- SYNTRON -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 10 May 1995 12:31:52 GMT

"Everman, Daniel" <evermad -at- ttc -dot- com> wrote:

> About the title "engineer"...

> My job position was created by the company I work for when they needed
> someone to do on-line Help. My title is "Publications Engineer". As
> far as I know my title is unique. In our company at least there are
> decided advantages to having "Engineer" as part of your job title, as
> engineers are compensated differently and have better bonus structures
> than most other employees. It also sounds like a big deal.

> Note that there has been some hubbub lately from engineering societies
> regarding the use of the term "engineer", because technically the
> title should only be held by persons who have completed a certified
> engineering course of studies. Some companies have backed off on
> their use of the title because of this, rather than alienate those in
> engineering academe.

> That's my two cents' worth.

> Dan Everman
> evermad -at- TTC -dot- COM

Perfect Dan,

I see no problem from any engineer who knows that the Pubications Engineer has a
similar technical background. We add the writing, formatting, and graphics to
define their designs. Engineers object to training non-technical people, like
writers and editors, because of the distraction. It's enough for them to handle
technology required for the design. Some refuse the distraction and attempt to
stuff for books themselves, which should end up in some non-technical
hands if it is to make any sense to the intended audience.


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