Re: Problems with Word 2.0 ==> Word 6.0 with Doc2Help

Subject: Re: Problems with Word 2.0 ==> Word 6.0 with Doc2Help
From: Laurie Rubin <lmr -at- SYL -dot- NJ -dot- NEC -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 11 May 1995 08:46:59 -0400

Make sure you are not in the "draw" mode. I found that I had problems
with the text in 6.0 because I couldn't easily tell when I was in the text or
draw modes (at least from my pc at home).
This may not be the cause of the GPFs, but it could be why you can't
select text properly.

> When I insert one of these files and begin applying our
> Doc-to-Help styles to it and moving text around, strange things begin to
> happen. Some of the text appears to behave almost like it were a
> field--when I move the cursor over certain areas of the text or try to
> select it, the cursor jumps over (or selects) the entire area and the text
> is shaded gray, similar to how Word 6.0 shows fields. But there are no
> fields in that area of text. Ive also looked for hidden text and bookmarks,
> but nothing. And worst of all, whenever I try to edit one of these areas,
> Word crashes horribly and I usually have to reboot the system. It crashes
> with a variety of errors, from "Unexpected Aplication Termination" to
> "General Protection Faults" and a few others I can't recall now.

> Baffled in Evanston,

> Bill Konrad
> konrad -at- sage -dot- cc -dot- purdue -dot- edu

> Confidence is the feeling you sometimes have
> before you fully understand the situation.

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