Problems with Word 2.0 ==> Word 6.0 with Doc2Help

Subject: Problems with Word 2.0 ==> Word 6.0 with Doc2Help
From: Bill Konrad <konrad -at- SAGE -dot- CC -dot- PURDUE -dot- EDU>
Date: Wed, 10 May 1995 18:22:34 -0500


I've just spent a very frustrating day trying to track down a mysterious
problem with Word and Doc-to-Help and was wondering if any of you have seen
anything similar. I'm totally stumped as to what is causing it.

We've been using Word for Window 2.0 for some time now with now problems.
Recently we began a project using Doc-to-help and because the person(s) who
would be maintaining the document for our client use Word 6.0, we installed
6.0. However we built a prototype with Doc-to-Help in Word 2.0 before
installing Word 6.0, and so we already modified many of the templates.
Anyhow, when imported styles from the 2.0 the 6.0 templates would
consistently 'forget' to include the add-on file d2h_lib.wll, which causes
a WordBasic Error 124. I THINK (knock on wood) I've finally cleared up that
problem, but now something else, has me totally baffled.

The project involves converting a body of old documents which were written
in Word 2.0. None of them uses any style other than Normal and it is all
the same font. When I insert one of these files and begin applying our
Doc-to-Help styles to it and moving text around, strange things begin to
happen. Some of the text appears to behave almost like it were a
field--when I move the cursor over certain areas of the text or try to
select it, the cursor jumps over (or selects) the entire area and the text
is shaded gray, similar to how Word 6.0 shows fields. But there are no
fields in that area of text. Ive also looked for hidden text and bookmarks,
but nothing. And worst of all, whenever I try to edit one of these areas,
Word crashes horribly and I usually have to reboot the system. It crashes
with a variety of errors, from "Unexpected Aplication Termination" to
"General Protection Faults" and a few others I can't recall now.

Does anyone have any ideas what's happening? (And no, I haven't done the
obvious yet--it didn't occur to me until just now--and that is I don't know
if the same errors occur those areas in the original files or if they only
occur when inserted into the Word 6.0 file.

Baffled in Evanston,

Bill Konrad
konrad -at- sage -dot- cc -dot- purdue -dot- edu

Confidence is the feeling you sometimes have
before you fully understand the situation.

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