Re[2]: Robo-Help

Subject: Re[2]: Robo-Help
From: "Everman, Daniel" <evermad -at- TTC -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 9 May 1995 11:01:56 EST

I have been using RoboHelp for some time now on large projects. Yes,
conversion is a pain, but once it's done things go well.

The recent RBH release (3.0) has fixes for the hanging indent bugs in the
Microsoft Help compiler. That alone is worth the price of admission! And
speaking of price, RoboHelp is more expensive that Doc-To-Help.

I am quite satisfied with the product's robustness. It is well-behaved under

The company, Blue Sky Software, also has a new suite of utilities that look
promising, including a collapsable/expandable frontend for Contents and
navigation. (This has been a part of Doc-To_Help for some time.)

I use Robohelp to create documentation for Windows products, to create
general on-line documentation, to do my resume in hypertext, or anything
else in the hypertext field I may get a yearn to do.

Hope this helps.

Dan Everman
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Subject: Re: Robo-Help
Author: Stephanie Goble <Stephaniex_goble -at- CCM -dot- CH -dot- INTEL -dot- COM> at INTERNET
Date: 5/9/95 4:36 AM

Tracie Speer <traspeer -at- rs6000 -dot- cmp -dot- ilstu -dot- edu> wrote:

> I'm wondering if anyone has used the Robo-Help program and could provide me
> any information about it. I'm interested in determining when you would use
> the program, how difficult it is to learn and how predictable is the
> program.

> Thank you for your input.

> Tracie

Tracie -
I have used it lightly: it is useful for small-scale projects where
you are creating all-new documents. It FORCES you to write its way,
which drove me nuts. It has a hard time with long help files.

Doc-to-Help is better if you are converting existing material, and
handles large help files better than RoboHelp.


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