Memory needed for Photoshop?

Subject: Memory needed for Photoshop?
From: Kat Nagel <KatNagel -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 1994 10:22:17 -0500

I'm hoping that some of you have tried similar projects, and can give me a
feel for the resources I'll need. *Please* reply by email, to avoid further
annoyance to the folks who aren't interested.

My problem:
I'm working on a set of customer documentation for a new
laboratory software product. We will be using digital images
of screens to illustrate the manuals.

The prototype software is on an IBM-compatible PC.
Hijaak will be used for the screen captures.
I need to pull the images into Photoshop (on a Mac, BTW),
edit them a bit, and then import them into Mac FrameMaker
documents. There will be _lots_ of the little suckers in each

My concern:
I only have 8MB of RAM (plus 1MB of VRAM) on my Centris 650.

My questions:
How much memory will I need to add to my beastie to
comfortably run Photoshop?

To work with multiple images in a Frame file?

Will I need mega-memory in my HP4MP in order to
print gray-scale proof copies?

I've already called Frame and Adobe and HP about this. They weren't much
help. I've also tried my local computer suppliers. Their answers were
predictable ( the max!), but I'm sceptical. I've sent requests to
the framers list and a couple of dtp-related lists, but haven't gotten any
replies. I'm running out of time...I need to start the screen-capture part
of the project by the end of next week.

@kat katnagel -at- aol -dot- com
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