Re: BS and MS at same university

Subject: Re: BS and MS at same university
From: "Race, Paul" <pdr -at- CCSPO -dot- DAYTONOH -dot- NCR -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 1994 22:37:00 EST

On Fri, 18 Nov 1994, Joseph J Little wrote:
<snip> Do most of you agree
> that a BS and MS from the same university would severely damage
> my "employability" and/or "credibility" or am I reading too
> much into their warnings? Thanks!

Mike Keenesaid:
>Yes. Even as good a school as where you are now cannot give you a
>totally different perspective on your subject--which any equally good
>school other than that one would automatically give you. Bet on
>change--you'll never be very far wrong. Go somewhere else; learn
>something new and different.

Well, having an MS from the same university is still better than having no
MS at all. MS grads from schools with good reps get notice, no matter where
their undergrads were done.

On the other hand, many Tech Writing programs, even good ones, get out of
touch with the markeplace. If nobody's paying your bills for you, why don't
you investigate getting a full-time job near a university that offers an MS
in tech comm or whatever, then let the corporation pay for you to get your
MS at night school (most will)?

I guarantee that the perspective you get from actually working fulltime in a
pressure-cooker REAL CORPORATION is a whole lot more realistic than you will
get from any number of college programs.

Good luck. :-)

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