Folks, this is getting ridiculous.

Subject: Folks, this is getting ridiculous.
From: Patrick O'Connell <patricko -at- EICON -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 1994 11:00:00 PST

(A la Barbara Walters, if I was one of the Seven Dwarves, today I'd be
Grumpy ):-( .

From the headers in my last techwhirler digest (!'s are mine):

>>From: owner-TECHWR-L
>>To: Recipients of TECHWR-L digests
>>Subject: TECHWR-L Digest - 11 Nov 1994
>>Date: Saturday, November 12, 1994 12:06AM
<snip snip>
!!!!>>There are 61 messages totalling 2178 lines in this issue.!!!!

The size of the last TECHWR-L digest when saved to disk (ditto):

Volume in drive D is MS-RAMDRIVE
<snip snip>
!!!!TECHWR-L TXT 88,649 11-12-94 10:19a!!!!
6 file(s) 88,649 bytes
1,882,112 bytes free

I've had more than one digest that was over 2500 lines and ran over 100K on
my trusty RAMdrive. I mean, good GOD!

Hence, a dual plea:

1. If you can in ANY way not auto-quote THE ENTIRETY of a posting you're
list-replying to, PLEASE take the time to quote only the MINIMUM necessary
so that others know what you're talking about (if the minimum is nil, even
better!). I recognize that not everybody's reading techwr-l under a
graphical user interface with user-friendly cutting and pasting, and maybe
some of us have no abilitiy to cut whatsoever, but that's no excuse for
those of use who do.

Casually hitting "Reply" and tacking three lines of your $.02 above 100
lines of someone else's is a waste of people's time (not to mention $$$ for
those who pay for large messages, or ALL messages for that matter) and of
Internet bandwidth, which is getting scarcer all the time because of the
exponential growth of interest in the Net.

2. Can we please try to avoid things like avoid 300-message threads
about...oh, I don't know, "zie" vs. "hir" and such? Yes, from what I've seen
recently, the more voluminous postings tend to be about subjects most of us
would (I think) consider list-appropriate. However, there's little
quantitative difference between one 50-line posting and 9 1-line chimings-in
each accomapanied by their headers.

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