Subject: AOL
From: DARCEY HARDING <STU_DCHARDIN -at- VAX1 -dot- ACS -dot- JMU -dot- EDU>
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 1994 09:30:01 -0500

I KNOW that TECHWR-L is NOT the appropriate place for this, but I _had_ to pass
this on.

>from rec.humor.funny

>America Online has been receiving a lot of bad press of late because its
>users have had serious mail delays - sometimes amounting to several
>days between receipt of a letter from the Internet and passing it on to the
>desired recipient. Two friends of mine run a start-up play-by-mail
>company, and unaware of the bad press, they called AOL customer support
>for this very reason (several days' delay of email makes PBM games
>unplayable, for all intents and purposes).

>The AOL customer service rep. said that he didn't understand why there
>were problems, because "when I run the AOL interface, and when I type my mail
>in and press the 'send' button, it vanishes, and it's just gone! It's off
>to the Internet! Maybe you should telephone the Internet and talk to their
>tech support people."

Darcey C Harding stu_dchardin -at- vax1 -dot- acs -dot- jmu -dot- edu
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