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Subject: Re- "Come with," "I want to
From: Paul Strandlund <Paul -dot- Strandlund -at- X400UX -dot- SASKTEL -dot- SK -dot- CA>
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 1994 10:28:51 -0600

Reply to: Re: "Come with," "I want to go with," and so on._
I have noticed many people saying that this use of "with" is not regional and a
lot saying it is regional. I must agree with the people who say it is NOT

I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada (for all of you in the U.S. of A. turn
north at Montana) and the phrase is quite common here. Children use the phrase
almost always (I wanna come with) and it seems to continue into adulthood (I'm
goin' for a beer. Wanna come with?). IMHO, it seems to be a case where the last
pronoun specifying to whom one is speaking is dropped and considered implied.

I do not see this as improper as a language has two elements, spoken and
written. Spoken phrases are almost always different than written ones. We say
(these are only examples and perhaps you don't but here goes) "wanna" and write
"want to" or "gonna" and "going to". I have noticed that when people speak
shortcuts are taken. I feel that this is done as we think faster than we speak
and we need to take shortcuts in order to keep pace with our brains.

I am quite sure that many of you will not agree with me but perhaps some of you
will. 8-)

I guess the whole point of this diatribe is to say that to use "with" at the end
of a sentence is not something that is particular to any one region of North
America. It does bring to mind the old addage that if it doesn't hurt anyone
then why stop it. (I know I am going to hear about that one.)

These are just my thoughts on the matter and who knows perhaps my alter ego has
other ideas.

Humbly yours,
Paul (paul -dot- strandlund -at- sasktel -dot- sk -dot- ca)

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