Call for Proposals: FORUM 95

Subject: Call for Proposals: FORUM 95
From: Tom Warren <TWARREN -at- OSUVM1 -dot- BITNET>
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 1994 15:50:05 CST

FORUM 95--"The Interacting Communication Conference"
An international technical communication conference sponsored by
the International Council for Technical Communicators

1995, Dortmund, Germany

CALL FOR PROPOSALS--Proposal Deadline: January 1, 1995
Proposals should contain
-full name and address of the author(s), including phone and fax
numbers and, if possible, email address.
-title or an indication of topic, and an indication of the activity
-abstract (for papers), a description (for exhibition participants), o

an explanation (for Idea Market or brainstorming sessions
proposals) of approximately 500-800 words

MAIL TO: tekom (Forum 95), Markelstr. 34, D-7000, Stuttgart 1,
FAX TO: Germany +49 711 650767


-User friendliness of manuals
-Minimal manuals: designing, evaluating
-Access to manuals: indexes and other access structure
-Can a manual be complete? What to include, what to exclude?
-The eternal chain: equipment--manual--user: which is the weakest
-Safety instructions: legal documents or reader instructions?

Production 1
-How to develop multi-aimed, multi-purpose, multi-audience and
multi-authored documentation?
-Computer programs that facilitate writing and publishing
-Tuning product development and documentation
-Downsizing and outsourcing in technical documentation
-Cost effectiveness of high quality in documentation
-Technical documentation as after sales
-Technical communication as a part of a corporate identity
-Who will do the job: technicians or communicators?

New Media
-Interactive tutorials: do they really work?
-Hypertext: where is the big picture?
-Using computer networks for cooperative work
-Are new media worth the price?
-What do moving pictures add to static representations?

International Aspects
-Translation problems
-International standards, their aims and their impact
-Automatic translation: real future of Utopia?
-Universal pictures?
-Can jokes work in different cultures?

Professional Aspects
-What should technical communicators know?
-Programs of Technical Communication in higher education
-Students and the workplace
-Can communication be learned?
-Professional codes and ethics
-The labour market for technical communicators
-Freelancing in Technical Communication

Visual Aspects
-Text and pictures
-The overall design: layout and design principles
-Using verbal diagrams for presenting data and instruction
-The visual aspect of multi-media presentations

Production 2
-Data bases documents
-SGML, HGML, and others
-Direct input from develops to users
-Direct input from users to developers
-Distribution of information in the electronic age

Other Fields
-Rhetoric and technical communication
-Testing technical documentation
-"Let the user learn from his/her errors"
-Gender in technical communication

For more information, contact the following people:

Michael Steehouder, Program Chair
m -dot- f -dot- steehouder -at- wmw -dot- utwente -dot- nl

Thomas L. Warren--twarren -at- vm1 -dot- ucc -dot- okstate -dot- edu
Young Kim--young -at- vm1 -dot- ucc -dot- okstate -dot- edu
Nancy Hoft--itech -at- mv -dot- mv -dot- com

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