Re: Servers vs. local

Subject: Re: Servers vs. local
From: John Russell <johnr -at- BRS -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 1994 14:03:28 EST

> the posters took it as an article of faith that you never work on files on the
> server. You first copy them down locally and work on them, then copy them back
> up. There's a group here who see the copying as wasted effort, and simply work
> off the server. (There's the complete previous edition, and then the "work in
> progress".) That way they never have a situation where the server does not
> contain the most recent copy.
> a) Do you work on the server?
> b) What do you see as the *best point* in favor of the way you're doing it?

This is a point of particular interest as we are in the process of moving
our documentation collection off our PCs and onto a dedicated network
drive. Obvious benefit is nightly network backup (versus weekly PC backup
at best.)

*We* have been working under the assumption, thus far, that copying the files
down from the network and working on them locally is a waste of effort.

We have noticed (being new to FrameMaker) that Frame doesn't seem to have
a problem with two people opening the same file and writing to it. Without
careful monitoring, this could be a problem.

But as for things like network crashes, 1) save often, which we do, and
2) I think our network has crashed far fewer times than my PC, especially
while working on a large document in MS-Word 60!

I guess I'm wondering the other side of the coin from Arlen is wondering.
What is the benefit of copying down from the network first? So far I've
gathered 1) if you make a bunch of changes that you don't want, you don't
have to restore from a tape, or 2) you don't have to worry about hitting
"save" instead of "save as" and then having to restore from tape.


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