Re: Automatic Backups in FrameMaker

Subject: Re: Automatic Backups in FrameMaker
From: Julius Willis <julius -dot- willis -at- FARINON -dot- HARRIS -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 1994 08:29:42 PST

julius -dot- willis -at- farinon -dot- harris -dot- com

Hello, hello, to all:

Paul writes:

> For those of you who use FrameMaker, do you have Frame configured to
> do automatic backups for each document?

> If so, why?

If you're referring to the "backup" created when you make a change to a
document, that's for your own protection. What if after you've saved the
changes you decide that you did not want to make them? Or, what if you had
intended to create a new file out of an old one but forgot to use the "Save
As" option? Well, you would have a backup file to recover with. Is this
the automatic backup you're objecting to?

> Looking through the file server the other day, I realized (smack to
> the noggin) that these backups were really taking up a ton of space.

> Our department does backups regularly, so for the most part we're
> safe on that end. Over the past 2 years I have never needed to
> use a backup file, so I was wondering what your experiences were.

If what I think is right, you shouldn't be working on files from the file
server. You should copy files to your own disk or file system to work
on. After you're done, you may return the file to the server.

> What do you think? Turn off the automatic backup, or keep it on and
> be happy that I have the option.

It's all up to you. Although your department does a backup regularly, you
would not want to waste time trying to retrieve a file from the backup tapes
or disk because of a simple oversignt. Backup tapes or disks are for the
bigger disasters.

> Thank you for the information!

> --Paul

You're welcome!


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