Re: Letters and E-mail

Subject: Re: Letters and E-mail
From: "Derrel Fincher, Dowell" <dvfincher -at- SLB -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 1994 09:01:02 -0600

Sally Marquigny writes:

>Besides, emails
>seem so disposable; a hard copy might at least make it into your personnel
>file, but how many would take the time to print out an email letter to file

Send me an E-mail. Please! As one of the numerous things that I do, I
interview engineering students at Purdue. I would much rather they send me
an E-mail response rather than a paper letter. My office is flooded with
paper from the various projects that I work on, and more arrives every day.
Sorting and filing it consumes a lot of my time for the stuff that I want to
keep. If I want to find something, I have to remember where I put it as some
pieces of paper deal with two or three projects. Then, if I want to send it
to you, I have to find the copy machine, copy it, remember your address,
find an envelope, find a stamp.... It goes on and on. With the E-mail
responses that I'll get next week after my trip, I'll file them in a folder
called "Purdue, Fall 94, student replies". And that folder is buried four
levels deep in my mail structure. But, if I want you to know what that
student sent me, ZAP!, I forward it to you. All I have to know is your
E-mail address. If that student calls me, as the aggressive ones do, I can
do a quick search on the name and find the letter. If the student asks a
question in the letter, I can fire off an E-mail answer in a couple of
minutes. None of this finding a copy machine, copying it, etc. For the
really good candidates, I will keep them apprised via E-mail of what I am
doing with their resumes. My goal is to build a rapport with the good
candidates so that they want to come to work with for us if we have a job
available. I also want them to tell their friends that we take an interest
in them.

I love finding good people for the company, and any that don't fit here
where I work I forward their info to our other companies (mostly just to the
ones in the US). As a result, I still handle lots of paper when recruiting
as resumes are paper; I hate every minute of it. I would prefer that
everything be electronic.

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