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Subject: Re: dialect survey
From: Louise Penberthy <louise -at- PRAVDA -dot- CC -dot- GATECH -dot- EDU>
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 1994 16:05:56 -0500

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>Nora merhar -at- alena -dot- switch -dot- rockwell -dot- com write:
>Can anybody tell
>me what a PA accent is?

> People around Pittsburgh have a very definite accent, which I
> didn't realize until I moved away and everybody commented on
> mine. [.....]

> Then there are words that peg you as a Pittsburgher right
> away: [.....]

When I lived in Chicago, I picked up the phrase "come with," as
when I would say to my fellow grad students, "I'm going to the
Student Center, want to come with?" One of the guys in my
department was from Pittsburgh, and it drove him crazy.

Now I live in Atlanta and have a Canadian officemate, so I would
probably say, "I'm going to the Student Center, eh, y'all want to
come with?" :)

The people on the South Side of Chicago talked incredibly fast
(probably still do). I remember listening to "Fast" Eddie
Vrdolyak, one of the aldermen (50th ward?) on tv, and I could
hardly understand a word he said.

"Y'all come riot down, ya heer?"

-- Louise Penberthy

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