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Subject: Re: His/Her/Sie/Hir
From: Joe Fockler <jfockler -at- IPHASE -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 1994 10:54:13 -0600

Well said. I think that all of this Political Correctness is blurring the
lines of fact and of truth. However, I guess it works well for those who
hide behind it. It is nearly impossible to hit a moving target and how
can one argue a point when the definition is subject to change.

Our current pres. has certainly mastered the "Protean" complex. He
means what he says at the moment he says it - although five minutes from
now he may no longer believe it.

Do not bother to send any flames - In an hour, I won't believe what I just
said, or will deny it completely.

"Either what you've said is so vague that it's meaningless, or I disagree
with you completely."

-- Tom Maddox

+ **********************************************************************
+ It may not be politically correct to say that "All U.S. Presidents have been
+ white males." It is, on the other hand, an accurate historical fact. (It
+ would,
+ of course, be quite wrong to use "he" in writing about any -future-
+ President,
+ because I can't predict the future.)
+ *********************************************************************
+ While I agree that using "he" about a future president of anything
+ can be considered politically incorrect, I cannot agree that
+ stating a historical fact is politically incorrect. Facts is facts.
+ If we're getting so sensitive that we have to change the truth,
+ I think we're getting out of hand. For instance, to say, "Many
+ studies have shown that males score higher on math
+ achievement tests" -- is not necessarily a sexist statement.
+ It is a statement of fact. To say, "All men are better than
+ all women in math" would be a sexist statement. To say,
+ "All US Presidents have been white males and they make
+ better Presidents" is sexist. But to simply state facts cannot
+ be sexist, feminist, or any other -ist.

+ **********************************************************
+ Am I rambling? Opinions? Responses? Rotten tomatoes?
+ *********************************************************
+ You're rambling! (Just kidding. I enjoy the discussion.)
+ Rose Wilcox
+ Roving Tech. Writing


Joe Fockler "That's bull, substance abuse isn't a
Interphase Corporation disease, it's a WEAKNESS."
Dallas, Texas 75234 -- Tommy Lasorda

jfockler -at- iphase -dot- com "I'm so far ahead of myself, I say things
I haven't even thought of yet."
-- Cynthia Tobias

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