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Subject: Re: Computer Manuals....
From: Brad Mehlenbacher <brad_m -at- UNITY -dot- NCSU -dot- EDU>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 1994 23:52:57 -0500


I'd recommend that you take a peek at SAS's 'JMP User's Guide: Version 2
of JMP: Software for Statistical Visualization on the Apple Macintosh.
From SAS Institute Inc.' And MicroSoft has been releasing a consistently
'interesting' set of manuals for its products that is worth a glance.
Opinions vary, I suspect, due to MS's recent successes, more than to the
quality of their design efforts.... I commend your interest in finding
'models' of exemplar documentation, btw. That's how designers ought to

I'm interested, after you've collected a few model documents, in hearing
how you might/intend to 'innovate' them. That's the challenge I give to
my graduate students when I assign them a group-writing manual project:
'give me something that's _better_, _different_, _new_. I've seen some
exciting products come out of the challenge.

Good luck. Brad.

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