S/N Ratio is now better

Subject: S/N Ratio is now better
From: Gregory=Kushmerek%AcctgMed%FIN -at- HUMRES-SERVER -dot- NET -dot- TUFTS -dot- EDU
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 1994 09:05:39 EST

I voice support of Eric's decision to change the reply field. Too
many times I see some private discussion broadcast over the entire
list. I'm not referring to something of great interest either, but
something that really depreciates the value of the list. The latest
example off the top of my head is a little exchange over calling
someone "babe." Most of that could have happened off-line.

I receive this list in digestified format now; I have always replied or
posted with the alias 'tech.' Moreover, I have seen this digest
get larger. Unfortunately a lot of the material seems to be degrading
the signal to noise ratio -- encouraging me to skip over posts on a
certain thread if I can't glean much out of it at the start. I'm certain
that I miss things this way, but a smaller digest makes for better reading.

Eric has hardly limited anyone's access; he's making them think before
we post. That's the best favor he could have done for this list: he's
*improving* communication.


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