Recommendation for HTML editor, HTML Assistant

Subject: Recommendation for HTML editor, HTML Assistant
From: ejray -at- OKWAY -dot- OKSTATE -dot- EDU
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 1994 21:44:56 CDT

For those of you tinkering with HTML, I would STRONGLY
recommend HTML Assistant. I have tried Georgia Tech's Word
for Windows Macros, and I couldn't make those work. I tried
HTML Edit (a Assymetrix Toolbook runtime program), and it
was better than nothing, but not much. I have tried the RTF
to HTML filters for Macs and found those too basic (although
if I renamed my styles it might work ;-) ).

This package doesn't automate the process, so it isn't quite
the ideal for large existing document sets, but for small or
new documents, it is great.

BTW, some of you have, on occasion, suggested putting
together a FAQ. if anyone is interested in putting together
a HTML document about this list or technical communication
in general, our WWW server would be available, at least for
the time being. This availability would not be a long-term
guarantee, but for right now, it would be fine.

I don't want to usurp STC's role, and I know that an
initative is underway to bring STC onto the net completely,
but this might be an interesting learning project for some
of us. If we want to discuss this, keep the discussion on
the list. If you just want to express interest, E-mail me
directly. I don't have much time to put into this, but I
will put files up on the server and help where I can.

TECHWR-L Listowner
ejray -at- okway -dot- okstate -dot- edu

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Subject: New Release of the HTML editor, HTML Assistant
Author: cello-l -at- fatty -dot- law -dot- cornell -dot- edu at SMTP
Date: 2/12/94 9:00 AM

A new Version of HTML Assistant (for MS Windows) is now
available for download (Version Beta .6 February 11, 1994).


HTML Assistant is an MS Windows text editor with
extensions to assist in the creation of HTML
hypertext documents.

HTML Assistant incorporates a multiple
document interface, a user defined toolbox, facilities
to automatically convert URLs in Cello Bookmark and
Mosaic.ini files to HTML text, and the ability to
test your work with a WWW browser of your choice without
leaving the editor.


The FTP address for downloading is:
The directory name is /htmlasst/

The complete program suite (excluding
VBRUN300.dll) is in the file HTMLASST.ZIP
(approximately 150K bytes.)

The program requires that the file, VBRUN300.DLL
be available to it. If you don't have
VBRUN300.DLL you can download it from
the HTMLASST subdirectory where it is stored
in compressed form as VBRUN300.ZIP (228,729

Check the short 'readme.1st' file in the
subdirectory for information on what
files you need.


The following changes have been made since the last release:

1) Automatic Paragraph mark ("<P>") insertion is available.

2) Files, including Cello Bookmark files and URLs in
Mosiac.ini files, can be automatically converted to
HTML text with just a few keystrokes (or mouse clicks!).

3) With HTML Assistant's new URL edit window, the URLs from
these files may be easily extracted, combined and
edited into new files which can also be easily
converted to HTML text.

4)A search and replace function is available.

5)A print function has been added.

6)Additional HTML marking commands have been provided.

7)A problem loading Word Perfect 5.1 (and some other)
text files has been fixed.

8)A few minor, but annoying, bugs have been eliminated.

Thanks for your comments and reports.

Howard Harawitz
Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada
harawitz -at- fox -dot- nstn -dot- ns -dot- ca

Howard Harawitz harawitz -at- fox -dot- nstn -dot- ns -dot- ca
25 Doyle Street (902) 835-7184
Bedford, NS Canada FAX: (902) 835-2600
B4A 1K4

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