Subject: E-Prime
From: Jim Venis <ujv01 -at- MAILHOST -dot- UNIDATA -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 1994 17:24:37 CST

To those who asked:

The label "E-Prime" refers to a communication discipline
developed primarily by proponents of the General Seman
tics movement. I think we can credit D. David Bourland, Jr.
with the name. He came up with the following formula:

E - e = E'
E stands for English, e stands for the verb "to be;" E' (E-
Prime) stands for English without the verb "to be" in any
form. (As you know, forms of "to be" include: is, are, were,
be, become, been, being, was, am, weren't, aren't, and so

In other words, you cannot ask the question, "What is E-
Prime?" in E-Prime!

Users of E-Prime report significant benefits that arise from
their practice of the discipline: clearer thinking, fewer argu
ments, more effective writing and speaking, virtual elimina
tion of passive voice constructions, and so on. Having tried
it myself, I agree--though it certainly takes some practice!

It pleases me to see your inquiries about E-Prime. I didn't
know if participants of this list would find E-Prime interest
ing or not. As a new E-Prime convert, I look forward to
more discussion along these lines.

--Jim Venis ujv01 -at- unidata -dot- com Denver, Colo.

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