My Employment Situtation

Subject: My Employment Situtation
From: Bonni_Graham_at_Enfin-SD -at- PROTEON -dot- COM
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 1994 12:04:00 EST

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I have a sad announcement to make. My company has decided to close
the San Diego office, effective March 4, 1994. We were offered a
chance to transfer to Boston, but for various reasons I have decided
to turn this down.

SO. I'm looking for permanent or contract employment, preferably in
San Diego, although relocating is not necessarily out of the question
as long as it's not to someplace COLD. And I'd be happy to
telecommute on a contract, or temporarily locate on-site for same. If
anyone knows of anything, please let me know (thanks to those who
already have). I'll include all the current ways to get a hold of me
at the end of the message.

As for the videos, I'm still the main source. I will be getting an
alternate email address soon, and will post it as soon as I know it.
I WILL NOT be leaving the list. Nitpicky or not, you folks are just
too important to me to unsubscribe -- especially if I end up working
out of my house.


email, through 3/4: same as in my SIG.

snail mail: 4115 Wabash Ave. San Diego, CA 92104-2124

phone: 619-283-5261 or 800-383-0983 (same phone line -- we have a kid
in NoCal whose mother likes to bitch about the phone bill)

Thanks for all the nice, supportive messages I've gotten so far. All
in all, you people are very validating and good to have around.

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