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Subject: Re[2]: Smileys
From: Susan_Gallagher_at_Enfin-SD -at- PROTEON -dot- COM
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 1994 15:14:00 EST

This may be a duplicate post. I zigged when I should'a
zagged and my mail program flaked on me. If it's
repetative, I'm sorry -- but this is important!

Smiley (partial list):

:-) basic

;-) wink

:-( frown

:-| indifferent

:-> sarcastic

>:-> devilish

>;-> wink+devil/lewd

(-: lefty

%-) been staring at computer screen for 15 hours straight

:*) drunk

:-* kiss or just ate something bitter

8-) wearing sunglasses

B:-) sunglasses on head

::-) regular glasses

B-) hornrim glasses

:-{) moustache

:-{} lipstick

-:-) punk rocker

-:-( real punk rockers don't smile

+:-) clerical

':-) or ,:-) shaved eyebrow or raised eyebrow

:-& tongue tied

:<) Ivy League/snooty

!-| sleeping

!-0 yawning/snoring

:-p sticking tongue out

:-P razzing

:-D big smile/laugh

:-\ or :-/ skeptical

:-7 wry

:-# with braces

:-O yelling

:-o singing/surprised

:^) tongue-in-cheek

:-x lips are sealed

8-| suspense

:-9 lip licking

:-< really sad

<:-< really mad

The list I have is really long and repetitive, so this is
just some of the least obscure. Of course, there's nuttin'
says you can't make up your own!


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San Diego, CA | -- Edmond Weiss
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