Re: help needed -- e-mail censorship and company policy

Subject: Re: help needed -- e-mail censorship and company policy
From: Susan_Gallagher_at_Enfin-SD -at- PROTEON -dot- COM
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 1994 15:41:00 EST

Sarah T. Harris asks:

Next, have any of you out there encountered
censorship in your company bulletin
boards or e-mail systems?

None here, thankfully. We pretty much have free reign. Our
local administrator has even set up an anonymous logon, but
in over a year, nobody has used it.

<snip more stuff>
How is e-mail used in your company?
Is it confined to business news? Does
your company have an electronic employee
newsletter? <and snip again>

E-mail is overused around here -- for everything. We have
round-robin discussions about product development issues
(should we change the icon/add a menu item). People send
and receive personal mail (birthday greetings, etc.). We
broadcast departmental progress reports/mission
statements/changes, sent individual progress reports within
departments, distribute documents world-wide, and even have
internet connections right at our desk!

There are several (30 or 40) public access bulletin boards
set up. Subjects include product development, save the
planet, technical tips, and things for sale.

Some people elect themselves mailing list owners and take it
upon themselves to distribute David Letterman-type top 10
lists and other humorous articles, star trek trivia, and
other items of more-or-less general interest. This type of
list membership is usually by request.

There are product technical forums, too. These usually
consists of questions about product direction or technical
tips or request work arounds for customer problems.

Management broadcasts organizational changes and news "as it
happens" but there is no formal newsletter.

Mostly, I guess we're all e-mail junkies. Average people
get between 5 and 20 messages a day. If an employee is in
management or connected to the net :-) the message count can
be 100 or greater daily!

Lots of us have remote access at home so we can call in and
get mail in the wee small hours. Now, that's dedication (or
is it addiction?)!

Sue Gallagher |
Sr. Technical Writer | "Updating a manual
Easel Corporation | is like changing tires
Enfin Technology Lab | on a moving car."
San Diego, CA | -- Edmond Weiss
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