Re: comma splice?

Subject: Re: comma splice?
From: Heather Atkinson <HMA209 -at- SAFETY -dot- NWSCC -dot- SEA06 -dot- NAVY -dot- MIL>
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 1994 15:50:26 EST

--> Jerold Jeansonne wrote:
--> >Someone wrote: "I don't use passive voice in my documentation, I use
--> > voice."
--> >
--> >Does this person know what a comma splice is?

--> Michael Priestly:
--> I'm not sure I do. I would have said there was an elided "instead", which
--> would make the second clause dependent.

Guilty as well! I had to grab the old "Grammar and Composition" book
to refresh my memory. It defined a comma splice as "...the other kind
of run-on... It consists of two or more sentences separated only by
commas instead of by commas and conjunctions."

ENGLISH NERDS! ENGLISH NERDS!! <grin> And I thought *I* was bad
about correcting my boyfriend's grammar all of the time. You people
make me nervous to reply to a message! I guess nitpicking keeps you
on your toes though!

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