STC and volunteers

Subject: STC and volunteers
From: Kelly Hoffman <kelly -at- NASHUA -dot- HP -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 1994 09:44:21 EST

Look, folks, I meant no disrespect, honest. I'm perfectly willing
to agree that the STC has many volunteers. I'm also willing to
say that the STC does fine work and can be very useful. Really. :-)

LaVonna Funkhouser <lffunkhouser -at- HALNET -dot- COM> writes:

> 1. The dues are *not* that steep. Some journal subscriptions
> cost more than $85/year. When you think about the cost of
> the publications and running an understaffed office, you
> might realize that the dues are reasonable.

I didn't say the dues were unreasonable, I merely stated they were
"steep." Whether the value you get for your dues is good or bad
is a completely separate issue. (In fact, I would agree that the
dues are reasonable.)

> 2. While the local chapters receive some money to keep their
> chapters running, the officers and committee managers are
> *not* paid. In my book that makes them volunteers,

I agree.

> and STC a volunteer organization.

I guess this is where we part company.

My town's ambulance service is a volunteer organization. They don't
charge their members any dues, and they reimburse for EMS training. In
other words, it doesn't cost any money for those who volunteer, just
their time. The demands on their time may be steep, but not the
demands on their wallets.

The STC may be a non-profit organization, and it may have many members
who are volunteers. (If the original post I responded to is any indication,
it doesn't have *enough* volunteers.)

But it's not a volunteer organization.

Splitting hairs,

Kelly K. Hoffman kelly -at- nashua -dot- hp -dot- com
Learning Products Engineer
Hewlett-Packard, Network Test Division "Reading the manual is
One Tara Blvd., Nashua, NH USA 03062 admitting defeat."

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