Re: "Seed crystals" (was: "Regionalism" and "Another think c

Subject: Re: "Seed crystals" (was: "Regionalism" and "Another think c
From: Susan_Gallagher_at_Enfin-SD -at- PROTEON -dot- COM
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 1994 13:43:00 EST

Ken d'Albenas raises questions on the use of couple (of) and few...

<major snip>

>1. Couple (of):
>Americans usually seem to write (for example) "a couple remarks;"
>others seem to prefer adding the preposition: "a couple of remarks."
>But everyone everywhere agrees on the following constructions:
>- a few remarks
>- a couple more remarks (though some also write and say, "a couple
>of more remarks")
>- a lot of remarks

>Anyone want to tackle the "couple of" issue?

Ok, I'll play this game. I'm not a dictionary expert by any
means, but in my book (the little red one that sits on the
shelf under my monitor) the word "couple" is a noun. "Few"
is an adjective, sometimes a pronoun. "Lot" is a noun, too.
So, by my way of thingking, you can modify a noun with a
prepositional phrase (a couple *of* ways), but using a noun
as a modifier is a really awkward construction that ought to
be avoided

>2. Displays:
>According to all my dictionaries, the verb "display" is transitive
>unless referring to mating behaviour in birds and animals. Yet I
>see the following usage a lot from certain sources:

>"A progress message displays in the Message Window."

>Unless it's an _extremely_ attractive and user-friendly message
>(!) I change it to "is displayed," or even better - you guessed it
>- "appears".


Perhaps this use of "displays" is reserved for times when
the message **flashes** across the screen???

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