Thanks! Font trouble solved ...

Subject: Thanks! Font trouble solved ...
From: Kris Arvind <kris -at- CGN -dot- NET>
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 13:07:51 -0600

Thanks to all who responded to my urgent plea re CG Omega ... I got a lot of
good suggestions and was also able to get hold of the font. Here are some of
the responses and some useful advice when dealing with fonts, edited and
summarized. Cheers! -Kris.

CG Omega is an HP Printer font that is installed when you install an HP
Printer. I don't know where it gets copied on your system.
I also like that font; but as it only came as an .fon file and not true type,
my printer couldn't use it. I believe HP now makes a true type
version; but it wasn't clear on their web site how to get this version. I
substituted Zaph Humanst BT since I had all versions of that font (bold,
normal, bold italic) to supply the printer.

CG Omega AS TRUE TYPE ------------------------
CG Omega is a True Type knock-off of Optima. If you have a real copy of
Optima, you might want to use it instead; your printer will probably
have it as well. If not, try searching your hard drive for the files
cgor45w.ttf, cgor46w.ttf, cgor65.ttf, cgor66w.ttf.

Good advice on fonts:
- Use five or fewer fonts in any document (unless you're doing magazine
layout, brochures, or other splashy, lively documents).

- Consider sticking to the standard PostScript fonts (Helvetica, Courier,
Symbols, Times, etc.). Most printers have and prefer these fonts.

TO search for a font on your system:
1. From the Windows NT start menu, select Start > Settings > Control
2. From Control Panel, select Fonts.
3. Look for the <font name> in the listing.
4. Select the <font name>
5. Copy them to diskette (using the ubiquitous Edit > Copy approach).

TO install font(s) on your system:

Install as follows:

1. Insert the diskette containing the font files into the floppy drive
(A: or B:).
2. From the Windows NT start menu, select Start > Settings > Control
3. From Control Panel, select Fonts.
4. From the menu, select File > Install New Font.
5. At the Add Fonts dialog box, select the floppy containing the font
The font files should now appear in the listing as they are recognized
by the Font Applet.
6. Select the font to install and click the OK button.

NOTE: You may need to repeat steps 1 to 6 for each font (you MAY BE ABLE
TO SELECT AND INSTALL ALL -- but I haven't done this in a while).

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