Shareware/Freeware (Long)

Subject: Shareware/Freeware (Long)
From: Dennis Hays <dhays -at- NOVALIS -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1998 09:06:57 -0500

I edit the PC side of the Software Closet for Publish magazine's web
site ( and thought all of you might like to know of
another resource for shareware and freeware. The submissions are aimed
towards publishing and are in four categories: Applications, Updaters,
Fonts, and Plug-Ins.
With Eric's permission, I'm going to post the new arrivals monthly and
give the list members here advanced notice. Also, if you know of anything
you think I should look at for a future submission, please let me know off
Without further ado (I always liked that word), here are the submissions
for December which should be available at in a
couple of days (after logging onto the site, navigate to the Software
Closet. There are both PC and Macintosh areas available, although I have no
say-so for the Mac side):

CompuPic, 1.35MB, Win95/98/NT, Shareware $39.95
CompuPic (CPIC) (32-bit) is a fast and versatile image viewer, touch-up
tool, browser, and multimedia file manager.

IrfanView32 2.92, 382KB, Win95/98/NT, Free
IrfanView32 is a fast image viewer that supports animated GIFs and many
other image formats. Version 2.92 now supports the G3 fax file format.

Adobe Photoshop 5.02 Upgrade, 2.82MB, Win95/98/NT, Free Upgrade
The Adobe Photoshop 5.0.2 update fixes a number of problems discovered
after Photoshop 5.0 was released. Note: The 5.0.1 version was released in
Japanese only.

PhotoAlb, 3.42MB, Win95/98/NT, Shareware $16.00
PhotoAlb enables you to collate a set of pictures stored on your hard disk
or CD-ROM into a browsable virtual photo album.

Personal Site Manager, 3.56MB, Win95/98/NT, Shareware $19.95
Personal Site Manager builds great looking internet web sites using your
Simply place your image files in a directory on your hard drive and let
Personal Site Maker do the rest!

Buttonz & Tilez, 2.71MB, Win95/98/NT, Free
Buttonz & Tilez lets you create cool Web buttons and mesmerizing
background tiles in minutes.

WhereIsIt? version 2.00, 2.27MB, Win95/98/NT, Shareware $30.00
WhereIsIt? is a program designed to be the best media cataloging tool
available on the shareware market today.

WindowsCommander, 1.16MB, Win95/98/NT4.0/NT3.51, Shareware $32.00
Here are some features of Windows Commander:
Built-in FTP client
Direct access to Network Neighborhood
Integrated ZIP-compatible packer, supports long filenames! This packer
is based on ZLIB by Info-Zip.
Windows Commander supports long filenames in Windows 95/98 and Windows
NT (16 and 32-bit version)!
Encode/Decode files in UUE, XXE and MIME format
Split/Combine big files
Windows Commander comes in the following languages: English, German,
French, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Spanish, Czech,
Russian, Polish, Hungarian, and now also Greek, Afrikaans, Catalan, Tur=
and Ukrainian!
The help is available in English and German.

Au2HTML, 3.98MB, Win95/98/NT, Shareware $99.99
Au2HTML is a professional-strength suite of programs for anyone who needs
to catalog, present, and deliver multiple images on the Web. It makes it
easy to host image libraries by automatically creating custom-sized
thumbnails, then generating the HTML code for hyperlinked,
thumbnail-indexed Web pages.

Applet Marquee Wizard, 1.00MB, Win95/98/NT, Shareware $25.00
Applet Marquee Wizard enables anyone to easily create scrolling Java

WWW Gif Animator v1.1, 300KB, Win95/98/NT, Shareware $20
WWW Gif Animator is designed to provide an easy to use yet powerful way=
to improve the appearance of your WWW Pages, making is valuable for both
Beginner and Expert.

PhotoFrame, 4.73MB, Win95/98/NT, Demo $129.95
Need to get edgy with your graphics? Try PhotoFrame, a flexible and fast
plug-in that can create pro-quality image frames and border effects in
Adobe Photoshop.

CyberView Image Pro, 1.30MB, Win95/98/NT, Shareware $29.95
CyberView Image Pro is advanced, interactive JPEG image compressor. =
It is based on the New and Powerful Selective Compression Engine.
CyberView Image Pro gives you unprecedented level of control over th
compression process, and produces unsurpassed results.

SmartSaver Pro, 3.87MB, Win95/98/NT, 15-Day Trial $59.99
SmartSaver is the fastest and easiest way to optimize images for the web.
But reducing file sizes is just the tip of the iceberg. SmartSaver is
literally all you need for effective image delivery to the web. Image
slicing, hotspot mapping, resampling, cropping, setting transparent
areas and comprehensive, unmatched background blending are just a few of
the features that make producing top quality, quickly downloadable
images for the web easier than ever before.

Paper Cut, 31KB, Win31/95/98/NT, TrueType, Free
Orphanage Riot, 38KB, Win31/95/98/NT, TrueType, Free
Salaryman, 29KB, Win31/95/98/NT, TrueType, Free
Secret Labs, 44KB, Win31/95/98/NT, TrueType, Free

CrossFont, 275KB, Win95/98/NT, Shareware $45.00
CrossFont is a utility for moving PostScript Type1 and TrueType fonts
between Macintosh and PC platforms.

Dennis Hays Information Design
Eleven Circle Drive - Castleton on Hudson, NY 12033
Telephone: 518/477-7570 - Facsimile: 518/477-5006
mailto:dlhays -at- earthlink -dot- net

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