Re: Is Certificate and Certification the Same?

Subject: Re: Is Certificate and Certification the Same?
From: Elna Tymes <etymes -at- LTS -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 15:49:06 -0800


> Eric Ray wrote:
> <snip> I can't imagine a certification process that would satisfy me,
> as an employER, that a candidate had any particular skills or abilities.
> Thus, it'd worthless to me as an employer. </snip>
> Since this is Eric Ray's list and I admire and respect his knowledge and
> opinions, I wonder how many employ*ers* on the list feel the same way.

Since I am an employER, I'll answer.

I don't pay any attention to certificates of completion of less-than-degree
programs unless I am interested in a specific skill and am willing to pay a lot
for someone to use that skill in the execution of a client project. I pay
attention to degrees only because they represent (usually) the kind of focus and
discipline to pursue some sort of broad education plus area-specific knowledge
AND the person possessing a degree has usually had to learn how to learn.

I do not assign a technical writing certificate any more merit when considering
an applicant than, say, completion of the Red Cross Water Safety certificate.
It does show that the applicant wanted to learn, however, and that he/she had
the tenacity to finish all the courses, and that's worth something. But that
speaks more to character than to technical writing ability.

Elna Tymes, president
Los Trancos Systems

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