Re: Kill the Certification Thread

Subject: Re: Kill the Certification Thread
From: rlprice <rlprice -at- NETCOM -dot- CA>
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 20:05:50 -0800

This mat be a peat of a previous discussion however it is new to me and many
new members of the list. Certification is a major topic and will be a issue
for some time to come. It is inevitable that certification will become the
standard. There are too many client, liability, and legal issues involved
for the profession to remain unlicensed.
All professions seem to go through this metamorphic process, I am middle
aged and in the process of getting certified full-time post grad. The
writing is on the wall just as doctors, lawyers, and now computer scientists
have been faced with. There is no back door. The days of no education and
working your way up from floor sweeper to VP only existed post war.(W.W.II)
That occurred for obvious reasons in that many of the educated were
casualties and the opportunity in the post war boom made it possible for
rags-to-riches scenarios. There are still those unique individuals who will
"get in through the backdoor" only it will be more like "kick down the front
The thread is legit but the real question is what kind of certification,
what are and will be the requirements. For example should copyright law be
part of the requirements for certification? Is VB or HTML knowledge be
essential for certification.
It one time people built bridges where they needed them, now we have
certified engineers.

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