Re: Engineering approach to certification

Subject: Re: Engineering approach to certification
From: Chris Hamilton <chamilton__ -at- YAHOO -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 11:24:20 -0800

---Tim Altom <taltom -at- SIMPLYWRITTEN -dot- COM> wrote:
> Or, more appropriately, why should we not establish a plateau of
accomplishment that says to the world "I'm not lazy, uninformed, or a
dilattante, but rather a committed professional?" The means exist to
keep updated and informed, including STC publications and books.

With all due respect--

I work hard at my job and I'm pretty good at it. I also have family
and other obligations outside the job that keep me busy almost all the
time. Yet this line of thinking assumes that if I don't make my
profession even more important, I'm lazy, uninformed, or a dilattante,
but I'm not a committed professional.

I spend a lot of time proving my worth, including time I should be
spending with the wife and kids. I don't see what I personally would
get out of having to go through the time and expense of certification
every few years. I realize this is a self-centered argument, but it's
also realistic. I have to make a cost-benefit decision about this and
the cost isn't worth the benefit right now. I hope that doesn't make
me lazy, uninformed, and unprofessional.

I suspect there might be others in my position, as well. If there's
not rather large stick to force people into certification or a rather
large carrot to entice them, it ain't gonna happen. And no one
addresses the issue of the carrot or the stick, just that it's a good
thing (or not) and it should happen (or not). For the betterment of
the profession isn't realistically going to get people to do it.

Chris Hamilton
chamilton__ -at- yahoo -dot- com (double underscore)

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