Re: Consultants--ethical question

Subject: Re: Consultants--ethical question
From: Barbara Karst-Sabin <barbara -at- QUOTE -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 09:43:22 -0800

Well, I don't know about anyone else, but the fact that you are aware of
the ethical issues involved tells me that you are unlikely to violate
client confidentiality or trust.

Once you have done a site for a real estate client, e.g., you could make
it clear to other such clients that you cannot reuse their competitors
ideas. You might also want to see how the initial client feels about
things. The one who's serious, you know?

And you're also assuming that you have only one idea per industry.
You're a creative person. Keep that in mind and remember that if one
client approves your website design, then that means they're satisfied
with it. If you do another site for someone in the same industry, they
can't complain if they like it better. It was their decision to accept
the original design.

And (am I driving everyone crazy starting paragraphs with a
conjunction???) you will presumably be maintaining those sites. They
won't be static will they? It means you have to stretch your creative
muscles a bit more than if you did only one site per industry, but isn't
that what it's all about?


Beth Weise Moeller wrote:

> My business primarily designs web sites and provides internet/computer
> training for small businesses. I am wondering how other consultants handle
> working with more than one firm in the same industry. For example, I have
> been approached by two different residential real estate firms for
> information. One is serious about a web site now and has requested a
> full-blown proposal after our initial meeting. I have spoken with the other
> by phone, but they do not seem interested at this point and have not
> requested a proposal.
> Since a web site acts as a marketing tool, how do people handle working with
> competing businesses?

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