Re: Can weak process harm a writer?

Subject: Re: Can weak process harm a writer?
From: Doug Nickerson <Doug_Nickerson -at- ONSETCOMP -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 09:59:52 -0500

Eric Ray wrote:
>I'm really thinking more of instilling bad habits,
>"this way is the only way" attitudes, non-audience
>orientation (as Simon alluded to), or other similar
>factors. Would these have potential to make a
>tech writer who survived in this kind of a bad environment
>a problem in other environments?

Could a 'bad' process prevent you from fitting in somewhere else?
I'm very interested in how companies perceive themselves, and a
gets the idea of what is "the norm" in a particular field.
Wouldn't the greatest problem in succeeding in a new environment be your
thinking, and
your willingness to learn?

Of course, you may not know that things aren't optimal --"the fish not
seeing the water" syndrome.
And, sometimes companies know they are crazy--or even develop a perverse
appreciation of their "uniqueness."

I've been exposed to disorganized software and engineering processes, and
lots of engineers who think their way is the only one.
I *have* noticed that the people coming in with fewer previous experiences
for comparison seem to unquestioningly accept the ways things are more
than those with experiences of other ways of doing things. Another
arugument for broad education and being open to new ideas.

Doug Nickerson
Bourne, MA.
doug_nickerson -at- onsetcomp -dot- com

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