Re: Translation Humor - Dictionary source

Subject: Re: Translation Humor - Dictionary source
From: Jeroen Hendrix <jhe -at- POLYDOC -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 11:36:41 +0100

If you are looking for a translation dictionary on the web, you really
should check out this one:
This site, initiated and financed by the European community (it is more
complex than this, but you
know what I mean) translates terms and abbreviations from and to these
(European) langeages:

Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin,
Portuguese (!),
Spanish and Swedish.

But that's not all. You can specify the applicable domain, or 'filter on
subject' as they call it.
So if you look up "dove-tail" in the Biology domain yo will find something
like "dove rear end",
but if you look in Construction or Industry or whatever, you'll find
something more suitable.

The domains they have distinguished are:
Agriculture, Audiovisual, Aviation, Botany/Zoology, Budget, Chemistry,
Customs, Defense, Development, Economics, Education, Electrotechnics,
Energy, Environment, Eurospeak, Finance, Fisheries, Geology, Industry,
Informatics, Insurance,
Law, Mechanics, Medicine, Mining, Nuclear, Social, Statistics, Steel,
Taxation, Technology,
Telecom, Trade and Transport

It's the best translation engine I've found sofar, especially because it
uses real documents and texts
as sources. I think you'll like and love it.

Jeroen Hendrix
The Netherlands

mail to: jhe -at- polydoc -dot- com

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