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Subject: Re: Hogs
From: Tyrin Avery <avery -at- BANCWARE -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 16:33:49 -0500

More Interesting Info About Word

Roy Anderson wrote:
"RAM is so cheap today that there's simply no reason for anyone to
continue suffering memory problems. Add more inexpensive RAM and
move on."

This is true, however, getting enough memory may not fix all of your
"Insufficient Memory" messages, as any dedicated (and likely insane)
Word user knows. When Word is having formatting problems, (as is common
in documents which have been updated through several version of Word,
have many objects inserted, or are very long), word will default to
"Insufficient Memory" messages.

WARNING: This often means that corruption is nigh! Save your document
early and often, because you may be about to lose it. With formatting
corruption you will probably be able to save your text by extracting
some of it (though likely not all) to an .RTF file. This means, of
course, that you will lose most of your formatting.

What can you do to prevent this, fix this, or work around it?
1) Backup your document
2) If the formatting problems have developed recently, you can try and
figure out where the problems are by saving it as a RTF file and seeing
if it goes hinky anywhere.
3) Pay a consultant referred by Microsoft to find and fix the corruption
in the file.

There is no way to prevent the corruption, or so a Microsoft Customer
Help representative told me. Alright, there is ONE way; Don't use Word.

-soon to be very nearly Word-free,

Tyrin Avery

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