Re: Comment--My Best Christmas Present

Subject: Re: Comment--My Best Christmas Present
From: David Castro <techwrtr -at- CRL -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 21:32:25 -0800

At 09:38 PM 12/22/97 -0500, you wrote:
>If that's your best Christmas present, your life must be an empty one. My
>heart goes out to you.
>I hope one day you'll know the joy of family life, or the simple pleasure of
>pet ownership, or possibly the special feeling of seeing a good movie with a
>close friend. Maybe someday you'll eat a terrific gourmet meal, or travel to
>a foreign country and fall in love. Perhaps you'll have a child, blessed
>with an almost saintly desire to keep his (or her) room clean. With no
>prompting from you whatsoever this child would keep your lawn like the
>pebble beach fairway well into your dotage.
>Spiritual enlightenment may be your gift in a future Christmas. It could
>sneak up on you, like a snowfall at dusk, or an overdraft notice from your
>In the meantime: do not despair. For many of us of shuffling through this
>veil of tears do not take our instructions from a manual. That we neglect to
>do so is not your sin.

Talk about uncalled for! I think that it was *supposed* to be a play on the
words of one of the popular Christmas songs. And you are trying to turn it
around into a self-proclamation of having no fulfillment in life? Shame on
you! Your broadcasting it to the whole list only amplifies the
self-aggrandizing nature of your email.

I, personally, enjoyed the email. I could sympathize with the Susan's
frustration when it feels like nobody reads what she's written. I'm glad
she wrote it.

So, there!

-David Castro
techwrtr -at- crl -dot- com, or

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