Re: Hiring Scenario

Subject: Re: Hiring Scenario
From: Elna Tymes <etymes -at- LTS -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 18:28:51 -0800

Folks -
> People, your posts are preserved for all to see in the archives. Don't be
> foolish and write something that could hurt you two years from now!

One of the tag lines that goes with each message posted to TECHWR_L is

I guess that's not enough warning, eh?

The only thing considered private - and there are exceptions to that too
- is email. If you want to flame someone on a list like this, not only
is your lack of emotional control going to be visible on an
international basis, but because it's archived uncounted others will be
able to find it later. Letting it all hang out was a motif from the
70's; one would think we'd have learned a few things about the
appropriateness of certain kinds of expression since then.

It's really easy to forget discretion when you're banging away at the
keyboard on a topic about which you really care. But some wise person
once said that the difference between paper-based communication and
electronic communication was that anything you did electronically could
be copied and sent anywhere immediately; with paper, at least they had
to get to a copier first, and then mail the stuff. It therefore pays to
remember that anything you send electronically can get to almost anyone
else - and do you want your mother-in-law reading what you REALLY think
about her cooking?

People, just because Eric has created this little place where we can
talk about anything related to technical writing doesn't give any of us
license to be irresponsible about what we say.

Elna Tymes
Los Trancos Systems, or

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